Making Crowdbase a More Lively Place

We recently released new features that we hope will make it easier for users to interact with each other and to stay up to date:

  • Interact with your home feed
  • Home feed auto refresh
  • Mentions and references

Keep on reading for more details!

Interact with your home feed

The home feed always was a great starting point to give you a quick overview of all the latest content in your Crowdbase organization, but it wasn’t so great at letting you give feedback and engage in conversations.

In order to make Crowdbase a more lively place, we added the ability for users to like, comment and answer questions right from the home feed.


Home feed auto refresh

After adding new ways to interact with your home feed, it only made sense to make it refresh automatically. From now on, look at the top of your home feed for updates!


Mentions and references

A huge part of knowledge management is about bringing people with knowledge in the right conversations and creating a network of resources.

From now on, simply type “@” when writing a post or a comment to get access to an inline search tool that you can use to mention people (who will get notified instantly) or create references to other posts in Crowdbase.


More to come soon. Stay tune!

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